Overage of $1 in shipping will be refunded.

On average shipping breaks down as follows:

1 – 4 yards: PFRE
4-9 yards: MFRB
9-13 yards: LFRB


Knits or combo of each:
1 -3 yards: PFRE
3 - 8 yards: MFRB
8– 16 yards: LFRB
over is BULK RATE


Faux Leather:

1-2 Rolls Folded: PFRE

1-5 Rolls Rolled: LFRB


Combining faux leather with other cotton bases causes shipping to miscalculated at checkout. I will refund any shipping over $1. Please let me know if you'd like your faux leather folded or rolled. If rolled it must be shipped in a LFRB.

Some orders that have Faux Leather and/or Brushed French Terry may need to be invoiced for extra shipping. These materials are heavier and may not calculate correctly at check out.

If you are international please email to get shipping estimate so we can invoice your order.

Thank you!